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(Recruitment) MS, PhD and post-doctoral positions

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                                                     MS/PhD/Post-Doc in Brain/Neural Engineering 

Fully-funded MS, PhD and post-doctoral positions are available in the Neural Engineering and Control (NEC) Laboratory directed by Prof. Han-Jeong Hwang at Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Republic of Korea. Successful candidates will be involved in the projects, aiming at developing practical brain-computer interface (BCI) systems and establishing the principle of neuromodulation based on transcranial electrical/magnetic stimulation (TES/TMS).



Candidates must have strong motivation and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary projects and collaborate with the members of the NEC Laboratory. They should have an engineering-related degree or equivalent (e.g., biomedical, electrical, or computer engineering). Those who have degrees in physical science might be also considered (e.g., physics or applied mathematics) if they have storing motivation and enthusiasm to learn new knowledge.

In particular, for the MS/PhD position, a background in neural signal processing, programming (Matlab), machine learning will be considered an advantage (Prerequisites: CGPA: 3.3/4.0, TOEIC > 750 or equivalent for other official English exams (ex: TOEFL, IELTS)). For the post-doctoral position, the mentioned background is strongly recommended. All candidates must have excellent English skills for daily discussion and writing research articles, and have open mind to learn new cultures. Salary for MS and PhD positions will follow the internal regulation, which will be equivalent to Korean students. However, salary will depend on previous experience for post-doctoral position and a 12-month renewable contract will be established, which can be maximally extended up to 4 years.


An application should include 1) curriculum vitae, 2) university transcript, 3) English transcript and 4) the contact information of referees (at least one for MS and PhD position and two for post-doctoral position), and it should be sent to Prof. Han-Jeong Hwang (h2j@kumoh.ac.kr). If all documents required are not sent, an application will not be reviewed.  



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