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Peer-Reviewed International Journal Papers (SCI/SCIE-Indexed Journals)

*: corresponding author; IF is based on when the corresponding article is published.

48. Getu Taye, Han-Jeong Hwang*, Ki Moo Lim*, "Application of a convolutional neural network for predicting the occurrence of ventricular tachyarrhythmia using heart rate variability features", Scientific Reports, in revision.
47. Chang-Hee Han, Klaus-Robert Müller, Han-Jeong Hwang, "Enhanced Performance of a Brain Switch by Simultaneous Use of EEG and NIRS Data for Asynchronous Brain-Computer Interface", IEEE Transactions on Neural Engineering and Rehabilitation Systems, in revision.
46. Angela C. Caliwag, Han-Jeong Hwang, Wansu Lim, "Movement-in-a-video Detection Scheme for Sign Language Gesture Recognition using Neural Network", IEEE Access, in revision.
45. Chang-Hee Han, Klaus-Robert Müller*, Han-Jeong Hwang*, "Brain-Switches for Asynchronous Brain-Computer Interfaces: A Systematic Review", Electronics, March 2, 2020. (IF: 1.764, Q3 in Electrical & Electronic Engineering) [article]
44. Young-Jin Jung, Yoon-Sung Lee, Ga-Young Choi, Han-Jeong Hwang*, "Development of a transcranial direct current stimulation device based on current limiter for simultaneous measurement of electroencephalography: a feasibility study", Technology and Health Care, accepted. (IF: 0.787, Q4 in Health Care Sciences & Services)
43. Ga-Young Choi, Chang-Hee Han, Young-Jin Jung, Han-Jeong Hwang*, "A multi-day and multi-band dataset for steady-state visual evoked potential-based brain-computer interface", Gigascience, November 26, 2019. (IF: 7.267, top 10% in Multidisciplinary Science) [article]
42. Kuk-In Jang, Miseon Shim, Sang Min Lee, Han-Jeong Hwang, Jeong-Ho Chae "Changes in global and nodal networks in patients with unipolar depression after three-week repeated transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment", Frontiers in Psychiatry, October 09, 2019. (IF: 3.161, Q2 in Psychiatry) [article]
41. Getu Tadele Taye, Han-Jeong Hwang*, Ki Moo Lim, "Machine Learning Approach to Predict Ventricular Fibrillation Based on QRS Complex Shape", Frontiers in Physiology, Sebtember 20, 2019. (IF: 3.202, Q2 in Physiology) [article]
40. Soo-In Choi and Han-Jeong Hwang*, "Effects of Different Re-referencing Methods on Ear-EEG", Frontiers in Neuroscience, August 07, 2019. (IF: 3.648, Q2 in Neuroscience)[article]
39. Soo-In Choi, Chang-Hee Han, Ga-Young Choi, Jaeyoung Shin, Kwang Soup Song, Chang-Hwan Im, Han-Jeong Hwang*, " Feasibility of Using Ear-EEG to Develop an Endogenous Brain-Computer Interface", Sensors, August 29, 2018. (IF: 2.475, Q2 in Instruments & Instrumentation)[article]
38. Fatemeh Alimardani, Jae-Hyun Cho, Reza Boostani, Han-Jeong Hwang*, “Classification of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia using steady-state visual evoked potential based features,” IEEE Access, July 12, 2018. (IF: 3.244, Q1 in Computer Science & Information Systems)[article]
37. Saurabh Kumar, Felicitas Grundeis, Cristin Brand, Han-Jeong Hwang*, Jan Mehnert, Burkhard Pleger “Satiety-induced enhanced neuronal activity in the frontal operculum relates to the desire for food in the obese female brain”, Experimental Brain Research, June 22, 2018. (IF: 1.806, Q4 in Neurosciences)[article]
36. Jaeyoung Shin, Do-Won Kim, Klaus-Robert Müller*, Han-Jeong Hwang*, “Improvement of information transfer rate by hybrid EEG-NIRS brain-computer interface with short task duration: offline and pseudo-online analyses”, Sensors, 18(6), 1827, 2018. (IF: 2.677, Q1 in Instruments & Instrumentation)[article]
35. Jaeyoung Shin, Klaus-Robert Muller, and Han-Jeong Hwang*, “Eyes-closed hybrid brain-computer interface employing frontal brain activation,” Plos One, 13 (5): e0196359, May 07, 2018. (IF: 2.806, Q1 in Multidisciplinary Science)[article]
34. Ana Rahma Yuniarti, Febrian Setianto, Aroli Marcellinus, Han-Jeong Hwang, Seong Wook Choi, Natalia Trayanova, and Ki Moo Lim, “Effect of KCNQ1 G229D mutation on cardiac pumping efficacy and reentrant dynamics in ventricles: computational study, international Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering, April 11, 2018 . (IF: 2.191, Q1 in Mathematical & Computational Biology) [article]
33. Chang-Hee Han, Han-Jeong Hwang, Jeong-Hwan Lim, and Chang-Hwan Im, "Assessment of user voluntary engagement during neurorehabilitation using functional near-infrared spectroscopy: a preliminary study," Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation, vol. 15, Art. No. 27, March 23, 2018. (IF: 3.516, top 4% in Rehabilitation) [article]
32. Jaeyoung Shin, von Luhmann Alexander, Do-Won Kim, Mehnert Jan, Han-Jeong Hwang*, and Klaus-Robert Muller, "Simultaneous acquisition of EEG and NIRS during cognitive tasks for an open access dataset," Scientific Data, Article Number: 18003, 2018.(*co-corresponding author) (IF: 4.836, top 10.15% in Multidisciplinary sciences) [article]
31. Dong-Ok Won, Han-Jeong Hwang, Dong-Min Kim, Klaus-Robert Muller, and Seong-Whan Lee, "Motion-based Rapid Serial Visual Presentation for Gaze-Independent Brain-Computer Interfaces," IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, vol. 26(2), pp. 334-343, 2018. (IF: 3.410, top 8.5% in Rehabilitation)[article]
30.Han-Jeong Hwang, Janne Mathias Hahne, and Klaus-Robert Muller, "Real-time robustness evaluation of regression based myoelectric control against arm position change and donning/doffing," Plos One, vol. 12, no. 11, Article number: e0186318, November 2, 2017. (IF: 2.806, Q1 in Multidisciplinary Sciences)[article]
29. Jeong-Hwan Lim, Yong-Wook Kim, Jun-Hak Lee, Kwang-Ok An, Han-Jeong Hwang , Ho-seung Cha, Chang-Hee Han and Chang-Hwan Im*,"An emergency call system for patients in locked-in state using an SSVEP-based brain switch," Psychophysiology, vol. 54, no. 11, pp. 1632-1643, November 1, 2017 (IF: 3.074, Q2 in Psychology)[article]
28. Han-Jeong Hwang, Do-Won Kim, Janne M. Hahne, and Jongsang Son, "Editorial: Neural Engineering for Rehabilitation," Biomed Research International, vol. 2017, Article ID: 9638098, April 30, 2017. (IF: 2.476, Q2 in Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology) [article]
27. Jaeyoung Shin, Klaus-Robert Muller, Christoph Schmitz, Do-won Kim and Han-Jeong Hwang*, "Evaluation of a Compact Hybrid Brain-Computer Interface System," Biomed Research International, vol. 2017, Article ID: 6820482, March 8, 2017. (*corresponding author) (IF: 2.476, Q2 in Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology) [article]
26. Han-Jeong Hwang, Jeong-Hwan Lim, Chang-Hee Han, Yong-Wook Kim, Soo-In Choi, Jun-Hak Lee, Ho-Seung Cha, Seung Hyun Kim, and Chang-Hwan Im "Clinical Feasibility of Brain-Computer Interface Based on Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential in Patients with Locked-in Syndrome: Case Studies," Psychophysiology , vol. 54, no. 3, pp. 327-389, March 1, 2017. (IF: 3.074, Q2 in Psychology) [article]
25. Jaeyoung Shin, Alexander von Luhmann, Benjamin Blankertz, Do-Won Kim, Han-Jeong Hwang* and Klaus-Robert Muller*, "Open Access Dataset for EEG+NIRS Single-Trial Classification," IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, vol. 25, no. 10, pp. 1735-1745, November 11, 2016. (*co-corresponding author) (IF: 3.410, top 6% in Rehabilitation) [article]
24. Jaeyoung Shin, Klaus-Robert Muller, and Han-Jeong Hwang*, "Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)-based eyes-closed brain-computer interface (BCI) using prefrontal cortex activation due to mental arithmetic," Scientific Report, vol. 6, article number: 36203, November 8, 2016.(*corresponding author) (IF: 5.228, top 10% in Multidisciplinary Sciences) [article]
23. Miseon Shim, Han-Jeong Hwang, Do-Won Kim, Seung-Hwan Lee, Chang-Hwan Im, “Machine-learning-based diagnosis of schizophrenia using combined sensor-level and source-level EEG features,” Schizophrenia Research, vol.176, no. 2-3, pp. 314-319, October 01, 2016.(IF: 4.453, Q1 in Psychiatry)[article]
22. Saurabh Kumar, Felicitas Grundeis, Cristin Brand, Han-Jeong Hwang, Jan Mehnert, Burkhard Pleger, “Differences in Insula and Pre-/Frontal Responses during Reappraisal of Food in Lean and Obese Humans,” Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, vol. 10, pp. 233, May 20, 2016.(IF: 3.634, Q1 in Psychology)[article]
21. Eun-Ju Kuk, Jong-Man Kim, Duck-Won Oh and Han-Jeong Hwang, “Effects of action observation therapy on hand dexterity and EEG-based cortical activation patterns in patients with post-stroke hemiparesis,” Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation, vol. 23, no. 5, pp. 318-325, Mar 31, 2016.(IF: 1.585, Q2 in Rehabilitation) [article]
20. Han-Jeong Hwang, Han Choi, Jeong-Young Kim, Do-Won Kim, Sungho Jo, Kiwoong Kim, and Chang-Hwan Im, “Towards More Intuitive Brain-Compute Interfacing: Classification of Binary Covert Intentions Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy,” Journal of Biomedical Optics, vol. 21, no. 9, Article Number: 091303, April 5, 2016.(IF: 2.556, Q1 in Optics) [article]
19. Dong-Ok Won, Han-Jeong Hwang, Sven Dähne, Klaus-Robert Müller and Seong-Whan Lee, “Effect of Higher Frequency on Steady State Visual Evoked Potential based Brain-Computer Interface,” Journal of Neural Engineering, vol. 13, no.1, article number: 016014, December 23, 2015.(IF: 3.493, Q1 in Biomedical Engineering) [article]
18. Han-Jeong Hwang, Valeria YanKous Ferreria, Daniel Ulrich, Tayfun Kilic, Xenofon Chatziliadis, Benjamin Blankertz and Matthias Treder, “A Gaze Independent Brain-Computer Interface Based on Visual Stimulation through Closed Eyelids,” vol. 5, Article Number: 15890, Scientific Reports, October 29, 2015.(IF: 5.228, top 10% in Multidisciplinary Sciences)[article]
17.Marina M.-C. Vidovic, Han-Jeong Hwang, Sebastian Amsuss, Janne M. Hahne, Dario Farina, and Klaus-Robert Müller, “Improving the Robustness of Myoelectric Pattern Recognition Systems by Covariate Shift Adaptation to control Upper Limb Prosthetic Devices,” IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, vol. 24, no. 9, pp. 961 - 970, October 26, 2015. (IF: 2.583, top 6% in Rehabilitation)[article]
16. Jeong-Hwan Lim, Jun-Hak Lee, Han-Jeong Hwang, Dong Hwan Kim, and Chang-Hwan Im, "Development of a hybrid mental spelling system combining SSVEP-based brain-computer interface and webcam-based eyetracking," Biomedical Signal Processing & Control, vol. 21, pp. 99-104, August 01, 2015.(IF: 1.521, Q3 in Biomedical Engineering)[article]
15. Janne Hahne, Han-Jeong Hwang, Klaus-Robert Müller and Lucas C. Parra, “Concurrent Adaptation of Human and Machine Improves Simultaneous and Proportional Myoelectric Control,” IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, vol.23, no. 4, pp. 618-627, July 01, 2015.(IF: 2.583, top 6% in Rehabilitation)[article]
14. Han-Jeong Hwang, Janne Mathias Hahne and Klaus-Robert Müller, "Channel Selection for Simultaneous and Proportional Myoelectric Prosthesis Control of Multiple Degrees-of-Freedom," Journal of Neural Engineering, vol. 11, no. 5, pp. 056008, August 01, 2014.(IF: 3.295, Q1 in Biomedical Engineering) [article]
13. Han-Jeong Hwang, Jeong-Hwan Lim, Do-Won Kim, and Chang-Hwan Im, "Evaluation of Various Mental Task Combinations for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy-based Brain-Computer Interfaces, " Journal of Biomedical Optics, vol. 19, no. 7, pp. 077005, July 18, 2014.(IF: 2.859, Q1 in Optics)[article]
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9. Sun-Ae Park*, Han-Jeong Hwang*, Jeong-Hwan Lim, Jong-Ho Choi, Chang-Hwan Im, and Hyun-Kyo Jung, “Evaluation of feature extraction methods for EEG-based brain-computer interfaces in terms of robustness to slight changes in electrode locations,” Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, vol. 51, no. 5, pp. 571-579, January 17, 2013. (*co-first author)(IF: 1.5, Q2 in Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications)[article]
8. Jeong-Hwan Lim*, Han-Jeong Hwang*, Chang-Hee Han, Ki-young Jung, and Chang-Hwan Im, “Classification of binary intention based on visual selective attention: “Eye-closed” brain-computer interface (BCI),” Journal of Neural Engineering, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 026021, March 26, 2013. (*co-first author) (IF: 3.412, Q1 in Biomedical Engineering, citation: 41) [article]
7. Yoon Kyum Shin, Dong Ryul Lee, Han-Jeong Hwang, Sung (Joshua) Hyun You, and Chang-Hwan Im, "A novel EEG-based brain mapping to determine cortical activation patterns in normal children and children with cerebral palsy during motor imagery tasks," NeuroRehabilitation, vol. 31, no. 4, pp. 349-355, September 29, 2012.(IF: 1.417, Q2 in Rehabilitation)[article]
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3. Do-Won Kim, Han-Jeong Hwang, Jeong-Hwan Lim, Yong-Ho Lee, Ki-Young Jung, and Chang-Hwan Im, "Classification of selective attention to auditory stimuli: Toward vision-free brain-computer interfacing," Journal of Neuroscience Methods, vol. 197, no. 1, pp. 180-185, April 15, 2011.(IF: 1.980, Q3 in Neurosciences, citation: 80)[article]
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1. Chang-Hwan Im, Han-Jeong Hwang, Huije Che, and Seunghwan Lee, "An EEG-based real-time cortical rhythmic activity monitoring system," Physiological Measurement, vol. 28, no. 9, pp. 1101-1113, September 5, 2007.(IF: 1.412, Q3 in Biomedical Engineering) [article]
Peer-Reviewed Domestic Journal Papers
3. Ga-Young Choi, Eun-Ji Kim, Ye-Na Kang, Su-Bin Park, Su-Jin Park, Soo-In Choi, Han-Jeong Hwang*, “Deveolpment of a Biometric Authentication system Based on Electroencephalography,” Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research, vol. 39, pp. 43-47, February, 2018.[article]
2. Han-Jeong Hwang, Jeong-Hwan Lim, and Chang-Hwan Im, “Classification of mental states based on spatiospectral patterns of brain electrical activity,” Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research, vol. 33, pp. 15-24, March 01, 2012.[article]
1. R. H. Sohn, J. Son, H. J. Hwang, C. H. Im, and Y. H. Kim, “Steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP)-based rehabilitation training system with functional electrical stimulation,” Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research, vol. 31, pp. 359-364, October 01, 2010.[article]

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