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Registered Patents
10. Ho-Seung Cha, Chang-Hwan Im, Jeong-Hwan Lim, Chang-Hee Han, Won-Du Chang, and Han-Jeong Hwang, “Signal generation method using transient visual evoked potential”, 10-1541619, 2015.07.08 (Korea).
9. Chang-Hwan Im, Jeong-Hwan Lim, Young-Jin Jung and Han-Jeong Hwang, “Word input interface apparatus and method with a QWERTY type using steady state visual evoked potential”, 10-1293863, 2013.07.31 (Korea).
8. Young-Ho Kim, Ranghee Son, Jong-Sang Son, Chang-Hwan Im and Han-Jeong Hwang, “Rehabilitation training system with functional electrical stimulation based on steady-state visual evoked potentials”, 10-1229244-0000, 2013.01.29 (Korea).
7. Chang-Hwan Im and Han-Jeong Hwang, “Method for producing two-dimensional spatiospectral ERD/ERS patterns from electroencephalogram, method for classifying mental tasks based on the two-dimensional spatiospectral patterns and brain-computer interface system using classified electroencephalogram by the classifying method as input signal”, 10-1205892-0000, 2012.11.22 (Korea).
6. Chang-Hwan Im, Han-Jeong Hwang and Kihyun Seo, “An EEG-based real-time functional cortical connectivity monitoring system”, 10-1087580, 2011.11.22 (Korea).
5. Chang-Hwan Im and Han-Jeong Hwang, “System and method for preventing drowsiness based on electrooculogram”, 10-1031485, 2011.04.19 (Korea).
4. Chang-Hwan Im and Han-Jeong Hwang, “Apparatus and headset for preventing drowsiness based on electrooculogram”, 10-1031413, 2011.04.19 (Korea).
3. Chang-Hwan Im, Young-Jin Jung, Han-Jeong Hwang, Do-Won Kim, and Jihye Park, “Concentration test method using steady-state visual evoked potential, concentration test device and concentration training method using the same method”, 10-1030162, 2011.04.12 (Korea).
2. Chang-Hwan Im and Han-Jeong Hwang, “Cortical rhythmic activity monitoring system based on EEG”, 10-0911731, 2009.08.04 (Korea).
1. Chang-Hwan Im, Han-Jeong Hwang, Kihyun Seo, and Man-Yeol Im, “Apparatus for preventing drowsiness based on electrooculogram”, 10-0851413, 2008.08.04 (Korea).
Patents Pending
4. Han-Jeong Hwang, Seong-Hwan Lee, “The method and apparatus for classifying patients with bipolar disorder and patients with schizophrenia using steady-state visual evoked potential(SSVEP)”, 10-2018-0021358, 2018.02.22 (Korea).
3. Han-Jeong Hwang, Soo-In Choi, and Ga-Young Choi, “Biometric authentication method based on resting state electroencephalography.”, 10-2017-0153941, 2017.11.17 (Korea).
2. 임기무, 김유석, 송광섭, 황한정, 최세운, 김상희, 김태형, 정진우, 김윤년, 이정호, 김대광, “Method for diagnosing status of fetal ANS(autonomic nervous system) and cardiac activity”, 10-2016-0152146, 2016.11.15 (Korea).
1. Chang-Hwan Im, Jeong-Hwan Lim, Han-Jeong Hwang and Chang-Hee Han, “Intention delivery interface and intention deciding method using visual stimulus under eyes closed state”, 10-2012-0049659, 2012.05.10 (Korea).

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